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Download & Purchase FAQ

Can instructors get a complimentary examination/desk copy?

The PDF download of the book is free. Because we self-publish and to keep the price low for students, we do not mail out complimentary hardcopies. If you would like a hard copy they are available for purchase on Amazon.

Can my college bookstore or other retail bookstore stock the book? 

Yes, our book is listed for Expanded Distribution on KDP, but they are only a distributor so you cannot place wholesale orders.

I don’t own a Kindle, is there an electronic version I can use other than the PDF? 

You don't need a Kindle to read the Kindle version— Amazon provides free Kindle reader apps for Windows, Macs, Android phones, Android tablets, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Chromebooks, iPhone, and iPad.

As a matter of principle, I do not purchase DRM-protected ebooks. 

Good for you. We respectfully ask you not to redistribute your copy.

You say the Kindle Edition gets free updates, but my First Edition did not get a free update to the Second Edition.

The Kindle Edition receives free updates automatically. Kindle Edition purchasers will be notified by Amazon when the updated ebook is available for free re-download. The Second Edition has major changes from the first edition which required a new ISBN number, making it a different product. Once you purchase the Second Edition you’ll get free updates to that.

What if I find errors?