Bundle a trial of your service with ESaaS

Want to bundle a trial/discount of your premium or paid service to purchasers of either the Kindle or print edition of ESaaS?

What’s in it for you? What’s in it for us?

You will reach an audience of readers specifically interested in SaaS development and tools, many of whom are using the book in conjunction with an on-campus or online course full of hands-on exercises that make extensive use of the SaaS developer ecosystem (version control, CI, project management/tracking, testing, code analysis, …)

For us, bundling SaaS services with the book enhances the book’s appeal and value proposition, and reduces the incentive for book piracy.

About the book

  • Thousands of copies of both the Kindle and print editions sold, in multiple languages (see left sidebar)
  • Over 4.5/5.0 stars on Amazon and excellent testimonials from readers, instructors, and practitioners
  • Endorsements from Turing Award winner Fred Brooks (“The Mythical Man-Month”) and engineers at Google and Pivotal Labs
  • Used in conjunction with free online course on edX, which over 100,000 students have taken and over 15,000 have completed

How it works

  1. Customer buys the book (print or Kindle; English, Spanish, Portuguese language editions only) on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, or Amazon.ca
  2. Customer receives post-purchase email from Amazon including a unique redemption code from us
  3. Customer uses GitHub account to redeem that code on our site (only one redemption allowed per GitHub username)
  4. Customer sees a list of bundled services with a unique promo code for each; fulfillment of those promo codes is up to each service

What you’d have to do

  1. Provide us with a list of unique promo codes, which we store securely. We dole out one code to each book buyer. (If you’ve ever bought the MacHeist bundle, it’s kind of like that.) If we run out of codes, we’ll ping you to either replenish them or withdraw the offer.
  2. Provide us with a description of what the promo code gets you (“2 month free trial of Premium service tier”, “$50 credit on add-ons”, etc.) and if possible an approximate dollar value if the offer isn’t something denominated in dollars.
  3. Your service is solely responsible for fulfillment of your codes. The terms can be whatever you want, but the codes cannot easily have an expiration date because we don’t know when people will buy the book. We’ll keep giving out your codes until we run out or you withdraw the offer, which you can do at any time.

The terms of the promo are up to you, but since a main use of the book is to accompany the 6-week online course, we’d like your offer to be something that is meaningful over a 6-week time frame if you charge per week or per month. 

How to get started

 Email bundle@saasbook.info with your proposal or questions.