CS 169

This information is only useful to UC Berkeley matriculated students considering enrolling in CS 169, CS 169A, CS W169A, or CS 169L.

What are the differences among CS 169, 169A, W169A, and 169L?
CS 169A (4 units) covers the same material as CS 169 “classic” and satisfies the EECS/CS design course requirement, but student teams do not work on open-ended projects with a nonprofit—instead they work on 2 iterations of a design project more similar to CS 162. It has no enrollment cap and will be offered very regularly, and we hope to see many sophomores enroll!
CS W169A (4 units) is identical to CS 169A but heavily online, usually offered summers and for remote/professional students, also with no enrollment cap. All comments below that refer to CS169A also apply to CS W169A.
CS 169L (3 units, may be repeated for credit) is for working on an open-ended project with a customer, typically a nonprofit or campus unit. You must either take CS(W)169A first (not concurrently) or demonstrate equivalent knowledge—not just coding but also testing, continuous integration, team processes, effort estimation, etc.
CS 169 “classic” (4 units) combines CS 169A+169L into a too-intense 15-week extravaganza. It is offered less frequently and typically caps enrollment around 100.

How often will each variant be offered?
We hope to offer CS (W)169A very regularly, CS 169L during at least two of (fall, spring, summer) each year, and CS 169 Classic much more rarely.

Can I take the class if I have a time conflict?
For CS 169 & 169A, we will webcast and/or provide well-curated video lecturelets. However, section attendance is required. Also, we will still a few lectures, probably about once every 2 weeks, and attendance and participation at these will count towards your overall grade. For CS W169A does not have synchronous sections and all materials are online, so you can take it regardless of time constraints.
CS 169L, attendance at all class meetings is mandatory.

Are the prereqs strictly enforced?
Yes. You must have completed CS61B (not taking concurrently) or demonstrate equivalent knowledge.

If I take CS 169A, can I apply to GSI for CS169 “classic”?
Yes, though your duties may be decided on a case-by-case basis. In any event we expect CS(W)169A to be offered much more frequently than Classic.

If I take CS 169A, can I apply to GSI for CS169L?
To GSI CS169L, you must either have taken it or have significant equivalent experience.