Errata (book version can be found on the page following the title page and preceding the Foreword)

Current version:     1.2.1 (May 2016).  Read-only list of errata in earlier versions. We are not accepting new errata for earlier versions.

Before submitting an erratum, please check the list to see if someone else has already done so.  To simplify this task, you can view the spreadsheet and sort it in different orders here, and then submit your new errata below.  Thanks!


If you want to update your Kindle Edition, you'll receive an email from Amazon offering a free re-download of the book whenever we upload a new version.  Please communicate directly with Amazon if you don't get this email; don't contact us as we have no control over it—all we do is notify Amazon when we have uploaded corrections.  In general, we will request that Amazon contact purchasers when we have uploaded a new version with substantial content changes, as opposed to just formatting fixes.  Be aware that any highlights or notes you have made will go away when you re-download the new version.

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PLEASE NOTE:  While we appreciate all comments on the book, we ask you to restrict your errata submitted here to typographical or grammatical errors, errors of fact, ambiguous wording, or typographical issues that adversely affect readability.

We will create a separate feedback mechanism for suggestions about content.

Thanks!   -- Armando, Dave and Sam