Get Started Using Gradescope

The general process for using Gradescope is to set up an autogradable assignment in Gradescope for each of the programming assignments you want to use. You will need access to instructor-only GitHub repos to do this.
  1. Check if you have access to the GitHub repo hw-ruby-intro-ci. If not, email with your GitHub username to get added. You will need access to all the -ci repos.
  2. Use this pre-approved link to sign up for a Gradescope account, if you don’t have one already.
  3. Create a course in Gradescope.
  4. For each of the current autogradable CHIPS (programming assignments) you’d like to assign:
    1. Create an assignment in your Gradescope course.
    2. Upload the autograder .zip file from the correct -ci repo in GitHub.
    3. You’ll also find reference solutions and (if appropriate) answers to the self-check/long-answer questions in each -ci repo.