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It is a pleasure to see a student text that emphasizes the production of real useful software. I also applaud the emphasis on getting results early in the process. Nothing stimulates student morale and activity more.  Prof. Fred Brooks, Turing Award Winner, North Carolina State University

“Working with your book is a sheer joy for me and for the students. After first teaching the course in Fall 2015 I received so much positive feedback from the students about how knowledge of agile develeopment helped them in getting internships and completing  large projects in different fields such as biomedical engineering, finance and music. Thank you for putting so much heart and soul into the course, and for making it available to all.”  Prof. Anastasia Kurdia, Tulane University

“We have gone from teaching about 60 graduate students per year in traditional software engineering to 160 per year using ESaaS. We have similarly seen a large increase in undergraduate students. The local community of non-profits has come to depend on us for software development.”  Prof. Hank Walker, Texas A&M University

“The authors have accomplished a very welcome juxtaposition of theory and practice for any modern beginning to advanced Software Engineering course…I have used the Beta Edition of this book very successfully in my advanced undergraduate software engineering course, where it beautifully complements both my lectures and the team project.”  Prof. Ingolf Krueger, University of California, San Diego

“I love this course so much. It's such an amazing  advancement in [Software Engineering] education, and I've been so proud to offer it for the past 2 years. It is a big learning curve to new instructors and students, but I truly believe it's worth it. My students seem to agree.”  Prof. Kristen Justice, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

An excellent book that will have you building SaaS apps progressively in a few short days. The screencasts and the GitHub Gists are invaluable. A very practical approach to  Agile software development.”  Prof. Rakhi Saxena, Delhi University, India

This course brings together many the latest and finest ideas of today's computer science and software engineering.
—Prof. Reuven Yagel, The Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai, India

“Many congratulations. . . Very proud of including the SPOC in our redeveloped Bachelors’ in Software Engineering degree. . . The book is the best I’ve bought, within minutes of seeing it at ICSE.”  Prof. Ali Babar, University of Adelaide

This novel approach to the teaching of software development…paves the way to grasp the agile philosophy…[and] provides students with a practical continuous-delivery exercise that is highly valuable to their future professional career. We strongly recommend the application of the "Engineering Software as a Service" method as a core component of a Software Engineering curriculum.”  Prof. Antonio Ruiz-Cortés and Prof. Pablo Fernandez Montes, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

“This book and its associated materials offer unique and strong support for software engineering classes to work on scalable, modern, real-world software projects that involve difficult-to-teach concepts such as service-oriented architecture and database migration. Undergraduate Computer Science students often vaguely understand these concepts but do not fully appreciate the significance and the challenges behind them due to lack of experience in real-world software development and deployment. This book provides much needed structure, materials, and resources to enable individual Software Engineering course instructors to expose students to rich, hands-on experiences within the limit of one course.”  Prof. Chang Liu, Ohio University

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Why ESaaS for a Software Engineering or Software Project course?

  • Up-to-date: Teaches the modern techniques, tools, and methods most widely used by the world's leading software companies.  Brad Green, Engineering Manager at Google, says “I'd be far more likely to prefer graduates of this program than any other I've seen.”  Jacob Maine, Development & Operations Engineer at Pivotal Labs, calls it “A great handbook for learning what it takes to actually deploy production quality software.”
  • Learn by doing: Every concept is accompanied by hands-on examples using Ruby, Rails, and cloud computing.  Fred Brooks, Turing Award winner and software engineering legend, says “It is a pleasure to see a student text that emphasizes the production of real useful software.”
  • Comprehensive: While focused on Agile and SaaS, the book also compares them with “plan and document” methodologies (waterfall, spiral, RUP, etc.) so students learn to identify which ones are appropriate in which scenarios.
  • Affordable: The e-book receives free updates for life and costs only US$10 (or US$2 with purchase of the US$30 print edition).  Students don’t require a Kindle to read the e-book.
  • Highly reviewed: 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon.  See a comparison with the other leading Software Engineering textbooks.
  • Instructor support: Besides the usual online PowerPoint, question banks, and activity worksheets, a discussion forum populated and moderated by other instructors and the opportunity to participate in conference calls with the book’s authors.
  • Hosted online support including automatic grading: Through UC Berkeley’s collaboration with the nonprofit edX, instructors who participate in a SPOC (Small Private Online Course) can get automatic grading of student programming assignments, pre-recorded lecture segments and self-check questions to use as they see fit, and more, all controlled through a Web browser.  Learn more about SPOCs and how to get one for your classroom.
  • ACM/IEEE “CS2013” Compliant: This course exemplar shows how a course using this text fulfills the ACM/IEEE 2013 curriculum guidelines for undergraduate Software Engineering.

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