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NOTE: access is restricted to instructors

You need to be a member of our GitHub org to access materials in GitHub, and a member of the esaas-instructors Google group to access materials on Google Drive. Apply to join the group if you haven’t already, and include your GitHub username and a link to evidence that you are an instructor.

For use in your course

  • List of lab-based and programming exercises, some auto-gradable, some with manual grading/self-check questions, all with reference solutions
  • Exam-difficulty open-response questions with reference solutions
  • Additional exam questions, worksheets, lecture slides, and other materials in the instructors’ resources folder on Google Drive
  • Course Question Bank, featuring tagged and organized questions you can use for homeworks, exams, student practice, and more. Approved instructors’ GitHub usernames get them instructor access
  • Exam-difficulty questions for “open Internet” coding exams (and academic publications about our experience using them)

Beyond the classroom

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