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ESaaS Resources for Instructors

Resources available to all instructors

  • Two free online courses complementing the book material are available on edX:  BerkeleyX Agile Development using Ruby on Rails. The courses are offered at least once a year in instructor-led format, and are available as self-paced after the instructor-led offerings complete.
  • The Instructor's Guide contains additional information, including a mapping of the topics in the book to the learning outcomes and topics in the ACM/IEEE Computer Science Curriculum Guidelines for Software Engineering.
  • Mentive offers (paid) small-group tutoring for ESaaS (and other courses).
  • AgileVentures allows ESaaS practitioners and students to work in distributed teams on real software projects for nonprofits.
Additional resources available to registered instructors

To register, request to join the Google group esaas-instructors. Once you've joined as a member, you will have access to:

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