Reviewer Guidelines

Thanks for agreeing to give us feedback on the Beta Edition!  Keeping these guidelines in mind will result in maximum leverage from your time and effort:

  • We know every topic covered could be given more depth.  We are striving for a concise book: ~30 pages per chapter.  If you think a topic is missing or needs more depth, it would be great if you can suggest what we can cut or de-emphasize to make room.  Even better would be a suggestion about an external resource to which we can point for more details on a topic that we cut.
  • Elaborations are intended to be optional material for the interested reader.  Is there material in the main text that should be an Elaboration, or vice-versa?
  • We try to strike a balance between teaching concepts independent of any particular language/framework and grounding the examples of those concepts in reality.  We appreciate your suggestions on improving that balance.