Updated Bookware appendix (v1.2.2)

With revised checklist on setting up a new Rails app, including configuration of Travis (CI) and Coveralls (test coverage). Free PDF download

Instructions on setting up software for the textbook and MOOC 

Additional free resources online to help you with the course

Resource links that are highlighted are specifically recommended by the book’s authors.

 Basic/Beginner Tutorials  Beginner to Intermediate Tutorials  Intermediate to Advanced Tutorials  Reference/cheatsheets

 HTML, CSS, etc. Once you know the basics of HTML and CSS:
  • BootstrapCSS tutorial. Bootstrap is the fastest way to get a non-ugly look and feel. We recommend installing the Sass version, which plays nicely with Rails’ asset pipeline.
  • W3.CSS is a pure-CSS (no JavaScript), lightweight alternative to Bootstrap, though there is some controversy in the UX community about its weaknesses.
 Git, GitHub
Relational Databases
 Cucumber & Capybara


Free Screencasts 

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