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Second Edition alpha now available!
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as there are substantial differences. Both are free downloads.

 First Edition

Free PDF download: English 1.2.2, Spanish 1.1.1, Brazilian Portuguese 1.1.2

Hardcopy or Kindle: Purchase from Amazon

We cannot offer the Chinese or Greek language editions for free because we do not control those copyrights.

Second Edition (Alpha)

Free PDF download: English 2.0a4 (2020-07-31)

Hardcopy or Kindle: available soon

Instructors: Get started with either First or Second Edition, including free autograding of programming assignments and many resources for instructors (slides, videos, banks of exam questions, activity worksheets…)

Students & Practitioners:  Software Engineering is one of the top three jobs in America.  Agile development, SaaS, and cloud computing are three mutually-supporting technologies shaping the future of software.  This book and the accompanying free online courses on edX teach essential Software Engineering skills via designing, building, testing, and deploying SaaS Web applications in the cloud. Read what other students have said about the book and course.

Instructors:  Agile+SaaS+Cloud has not only revolutionized software, but also made it easier and more effective to teach.  Students learn directly by doing, using the same world-class tools that professionals use that also allow you to better evaluate their work. You can even use our MOOC technology, such as detailed autograding. Learn more and get evaluation copies, or read what your fellow instructors say about using ESaaS in their classrooms.

The curriculum focuses on Agile, but we also present the "Plan & Document" perspective on each skill, comparing it with Agile so students understand when each is appropriate. Read more about how and why we created the course and book, our experience with the MOOC, other instructors' experience using our materials in the classroom, and how the book meets the revised ACM/IEEE 2013 Computer Science Curriculum Guidelines for Software Engineering.

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