The following videos are assembled from three offerings of the course and are captioned in US English. We welcome contributions from the community to add subtitles in other languages!

Each video corresponds to one book section, and they are arranged in playlists by chapter. Note that section numbers that appear to be “missing” are sections that consist of CHIPS assignments rather than textbook sections, and that the final sections of each chapter (“Fallacies and Pitfalls” and “Concluding Remarks”) usually do not have their own videos.

Videos to accompany course/textbook

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Software as a Service, Agile Development, and Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 2 How to Learn a New Language
  • Chapter 3 SaaS Application Architecture: Microservices, APIs, and REST
  • Chapter 4 SaaS Framework: Rails as a Model--View--Controller Framework
  • Chapter 5 SaaS Framework: Advanced Programming Abstractions for SaaS
  • Chapter 6 Mobile and Desktop SaaS Clients: JavaScript Introduction
  • Chapter 7 Requirements: BDD and User Stories
  • Chapter 8 Testing: Test-Driven Development
  • Chapter 9 Software Maintenance: Enhancing Legacy Software Using Refactoring and Agile Methods
  • Chapter 10 Agile Teams
  • Chapter 11 Design Patterns for SaaS Apps
  • Chapter 12 Dev/Ops

Teamwork and team projects